Educational Rights of Homeless Children

With over 15 years of experience, Charitify removes barriers that get in the way of a child's learning, including hunger, lack of transportation and basic necessities.

Creating a Community of Learning for Homeless Children
Sara Robinson and Jamie Richards

Sara and Jamie work towards bringing homeless children back into the education system. They support a comprehensive approach to homeless children’s education, including: Partnering with local organizations, such as ‘Children’s Trust’ in Uganda, that offer school preparation courses alongside psychosocial support to help street children readjust to mainstream life. Establishing a system with schools so they can understand the unique situation faced by homeless children and help support their reintegration into the school system. Facilitating coordination between schools, police, district government and the community to raise awareness of these issues and improve attitudes and support for homeless children. Providing street homeless with a shelter and school starter kits, which include uniforms, exercise books and other materials they may need to start their journey into education.


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